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At Oracle we are committed to helping users resolve problems faced using Java software. Here are some support options that you can use to reach a solution for your problem.

Support Options Description
Phone Support Phone support for end users of Java software is not available.

Self-Help Help and FAQ sections on provide answers to most commonly experienced problems by users. Solutions provided here are easy to follow and implement, using step-by-step instructions. This may be the fastest way to get your problems resolved. These sections are updated regularly based on the feedback that we receive from users.
Consumer Java Feedback For ongoing product and user experience improvement, we ask you to fill the feedback form providing details about the issue you are experiencing. If a number of individuals report an issue, then we will make efforts to post a new FAQ page addressing the issue, and as needed, a fix may be available in a future release.

Additional Resources

Resources Description
Developers Developer support of Oracle's development technologies: JDK, Java EE SDK, Java ME, etc. platforms
Enterprise Oracle Java SE Subscription and Oracle Java SE Desktop Subscription combine licensing and support into a simple low-cost subscription.
Developer Forums Online forums in support of Oracle's Java development technologies.

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