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How to get Java software installation log files

If an error occurs during installation, the installer creates log files on your computer that include details about the error. Providing us with the log files from a failed installation will allow us to do a thorough analysis of the issue.

Note: We recommend you to delete all versions of Java from your system before proceeding. For more information see Java uninstaller tool

Install Java

Install Java through command prompt so that it can generate necessary log files to troubleshoot the issue.
  1. Goto and click on the Free Java Download button.
  2. Click on the Save button and save Java software on the Desktop
  3. Verify that Java software is saved on the Desktop.
  4. Open Windows Command Prompt window.
    Windows XP: Click Start -> Run -> Type: cmd
    Windows Vista and Windows 7: Click Start -> Type: cmd in the Start Search field.
  5. cd <Java download directory>
    (for example Downloads or Desktop etc.)
  6. In the Command Prompt window Type: <Java download file name> .exe /LV* %TEMP%\jreMSI.log
    Where <Java download file name> is name of the file you downloaded. If you download Java using
    Internet Explorer, <Java download file name> will be jre-8uX-windows-i586.exe (If you have downloaded Java through Offline method) or JavaSetup8uX.exe (If you have downloaded Java through Online method), where 8uX is the Java update (e.g. 8u25, 8u51 and so on)
    Mozilla Firefox, <Java download file name> will be jxpiinstall.exe
    Chrome, <Java download file name> will be chromeinstall-8uX.exe, where 8uX is the Java update (e.g. 8u25, 8u51 and so on)
  7. Follow all the prompts to complete Java installation.

How to get the log files

Windows 10

In the Search field, type: %TEMP% and press Enter.

Windows 8

Go to Start > Type: %TEMP% in the Search field and press Enter.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Go to Start > Type: %TEMP% in Start Search field.
Go to Start > Computer > c: > users > username > AppData > Local > Temp

Windows XP

Go to Start > Run > Type: %TEMP% and press Enter.
Go to Start > My computer > c: > Documents and Settings > User > Local Settings > Temp

Look for following files in Temp folder:

Mac OS X

Navigate to /var/log/

Look for log files:
system.log (Collect only Java installer related logs)

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