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Information about reverting to Java 7 after installing Java 8

This article applies to:
  • Java version(s): 7.0, 8.0


Java applications and applets do not work with the latest version of Java 8.


Most applications written for earlier versions of Java will run without problems in newer versions of Java. However, there are some cases where choices made by the developer to tie an application to a specific Java version, or inability to update, can cause some applications not to work with the latest Java versions.


Addressing these cases usually require changes by the application developer. If an application that you use does not work with Java 8, contact the application developer or provider of the Java application or applet you are trying to run and ask them for assistance supporting the latest major releases of Java.

Developers can review the Compatibility Guide for Java 8 for guidance on updating their applications.


When reverting to a previous major version, it's important to revert to the latest security baseline update for that major version. As of July 2015, Java 7 updates are no longer available to the public. We recommend contacting the application provider to update their app, rather than run with an out-of-date Java 7 version.

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