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Anti-Virus checker/scanner has detected a virus. Is it related to Java?

This article applies to:
  • Platform(s): Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10
  • Java version(s): 7.0, 8.0


Malicious applets have been discovered in the Java cache directory. Anti-virus programs have detected such malicious applets in the following directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache


Viruses found in this cache directory are not associated with Java that you downloaded and installed from Oracle. A cache directory is a a temporary storage location. When the browser runs an applet or application, Java stores files into its cache directory for better performance.
Some examples of the virus reported in the cache directory:
  • Exploit:java/cvi virus
  • Exploit:Java/CVE-2010-0840
  • CVE-2010-0840
  • Trojan.ByteVerify
  • Pdfjsc.CR
  • Uutecwv.class
  • Hieeyfc.class


If you find one of these malicious applets on your computer, please use an anti-virus program to delete the applet and you can also clean the cache directory manually.

Remove these malicious applets from the Java cache directory by deleting Temporary Internet Files through the Java Control Panel.

Find the Java Control Panel

» Windows
» Mac OS X

Delete Temporary Files through the Java Control Panel

  1. In the Java Control Panel, under the General tab, click Settings under the Temporary Internet Files section.
    The Temporary Files Settings dialog box appears.

    Temporary Files Settings dialog box
  2. Click Delete Files on the Temporary Files Settings dialog.
    The Delete Files and Applications dialog box appears.

    Delete Temporary Files dialog box
  3. Click OK on the Delete Files and Applications dialog. This deletes all the Downloaded Applications and Applets from the cache.
  4. Click OK on the Temporary Files Settings dialog. If you want to delete a specific application and applet from the cache, click on View Application and View Applet options respectively.

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