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Can I update Java version that is OEM, EA or Beta release?

This article applies to:
  • Java version(s): 7.0, 8.0

Yes, you can, and it is recommended that you update from an OEM, EA or Beta release to the last release of Java.

It is recommended that you first uninstall the installed OEM, EA or Beta release. For instructions, please visit Uninstall instructions.
To update to the latest version of Java, please visit

Definitions on what OEM, EA and Beta mean for Java:

  • OEM release
    OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer".
    An early version of Java 1.6.0-oem was provided to OEMs. The OEM term will not be used in subsequent releases of 1.6. Please upgrade to the latest release on

  • EA release
    EA stands for "Early Access", EA is a preview release for the upcoming version of the software. This release may contain many new features and bug fixes and as a preview may contain some unexpected issues. It is not recommended that this preview release be used in a production environment. Please upgrade to the latest release on

  • Beta release
    A beta release is a 'stable' preview release which is tested for bugs. Beta releases are often made available to the general public to download and test. Please upgrade to the latest release on

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