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Why should I download Java only from

There are only two sites where official downloads and updates for Java are provided by Oracle:
  • is recommended
  • Advanced users and developers may download from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), where the Java Development Kit (JDK) is also available.
There have been reports of fake sites and pop-ups posing as legitimate Java updates. If you are unsure of the validity of a Java update notification or web site, do not proceed with the download. Check that the browser URL is or

After you download Java, you may be presented with a security prompt. If so, you should verify that the Publisher name is 'Oracle America, Inc.' If this publisher name is not displayed, then you should click Cancel.

Note that Java downloads that are available from other websites may not contain fixes for bugs and security issues. Downloading unofficial versions of Java will make your computer more vulnerable to viruses and other malicious attacks.

Why do I see different URLs when I am downloading Java?

In order to give you the best possible download experience, including how quickly Java downloads, we use several different services to deliver the download. Depending on a variety of things, such as your location or the number of other users trying to download, you will automatically be directed to receive Java from the most optimal location. As these URLs can change we are not listing them here, but rest assured, if you initiated your download from, it is served from a secure system.

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