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What is the Java Deployment Toolkit?

This article applies to:
  • Platform(s): Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Browser(s) Firefox, Internet Explorer

What does the Java Deployment Toolkit (DT) do?
The Java DT is a very useful tool, used by Java applets and applications to help manage getting the right version of Java for a user’s system. For developers, it also provides a JavaScript interface. The interface automatically generates the HTML code that is required to deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Does the 'Java DT plug-in blocked' message means the Java plug-in is blocked?
No, blocking the Java DT plug-in does not mean the Java plug-in is blocked. The Java DT plug-in does the Java version detection on a user’s system. The Java plug-in enables the Java applets and applications to run within a browser on a user’s system.

What happens if the Java Deployment Toolkit plug-in is blocked?
By blocking the Java DT plug-in, the Java version detection mechanism is disabled. Therefore, when a user tries to launch a Java applet or application, that requires a specific Java version other than the active Java version on a user’s system, it will fail.

Will my Java plug-in function if the Java DT plug-in is disabled?
Yes, the Java plug-in will continue to work even if the Java DT plug-in is disabled.

Does deployJava.js work if the Java DT Toolkit plug-in is disabled?
Yes, deployJava.js contains some pure JavaScript functions, which will continue to work even if the Java DT Toolkit plug-in is disabled.

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