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System Administrator Resources - Deploying Java in your Organization

This page contains information for system administrators deploying the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on multiple computers in their intranet. Note that some of these pointers will direct you to the Oracle documentation site.

How to Guides

  • Silent install is useful for automated installations of the JRE on multiple computers.
  • MSI install provides information on the MSI Enterprise JRE Installer that enables system administrators to install the JRE across the enterprise without end user interaction. The MSI Enterprise JRE Installer is only available as part of Oracle Java SE Advanced products and is available to customers via My Oracle Support (MOS).
  • The Deployment Rule Set feature is optional and shall only be used internally in an organization with a controlled environment. If a JAR file that contains a rule set is distributed or made available publicly, then the certificate used to sign the rule set will be blacklisted and blocked in Java.


  • JRE Installer Options provides the list of customizations available when you invoke the installer using the command line.

Where to Get Support

  • Discussion Forums (free) allow you to ask questions and get answers from the Java community.
  • Oracle Premier Support for Java SE provides for-fee support options aimed at commercial and enterprise customers of Java. Buying support from Oracle will allow you to streamline your users' installation experience and give you access to direct phone and e-mail support.

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