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Yahoo Optional Offer

This article applies to:
  • Platform(s): Macintosh OS X, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista
  • Browser(s) Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Java version(s): 8.0

The Yahoo features are integrated with the Java download. During the installation of Java, users are presented with an option of downloading Yahoo extensions, and setting Yahoo as the browser homepage and default search engine.

What is the Yahoo New Tab add-on?

This add-on provides a fresh look to new browser tabs, powered by Yahoo, and available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. As with other extensions or add-ons, it can be configured and enabled through browser settings.

  • Chrome: Settings and Extensions
  • Firefox: Add-ons and Extensions
  • Safari: Preferences and Extensions

What is the Yahoo Search Set?

Yahoo Search Set is a windows utility which sets the search provider and home page in all supported browsers to Yahoo. It also offers browser extensions that provide a custom new tab experience on Firefox and Chrome.

Yahoo offer example Example of Yahoo offer dialog

What if I do not want to install the add-on or change the default browser homepage and search engine?

If you do not want to install the Yahoo extension or add-on, nor want the browser home page and search engine changed, remove the check in the box. If the box is selected, the Yahoo features will be installed after the Java installation has completed.

Before clicking Next to proceed with the Java installation, review that the checkbox selections match your preferences. Clicking Cancel stops the Java installation.

Chrome browser: After accepting to install the Yahoo extension, you will be prompted to enable or remove the application from Chrome. Make your selection, Enable extension or Remove from Chrome, in order to proceed with the installation.

Known Issues
[macosx] Sponsor offer screen accessibility (a11y) issues

Users who operate the keyboard to access user interfaces in the Java installer will be unable to access hyperlinks and checkboxes in software add-on offer screens. As a workaround to setting preferences related to add-on software in the user interface, users can disable such offers either by disabling them in the Java control panel, or by passing SPONSORS=0 via the command line. For more information, refer to Install Java without sponsor offers FAQ.


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