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How do I get Java for Embedded Devices?

Java for embedded devices (Java Embedded) is generally integrated by the device manufacturers. It is NOT available for download or installation by consumers. You need to check with your device manufacturer about availability of this technology in your device.

Embedded devices, or embedded systems, are specialized computer systems that constitute components of larger electromechanical systems with which they interface. These can range from the tiny chips on your office identification card or credit card, to components of very larger server class systems. Many of the sophisticated and connected devices supporting our daily activities are "embedded devices". Some common examples include SIM cards, VOIP phones, Blu-ray Disc players, televisions, utility meters, healthcare gateways, industrial controls, and countless other devices. Oracle's Java Embedded technologies provide the software development platform and runtime for billions of these embedded devices.

Developers should refer to the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) for more information about Java Embedded technologies and Oracle's Java Embedded solutions. Oracle offers a variety of Java Embedded products that allow you to develop highly functional, reliable, portable, and secure solutions for small to large embedded devices while reducing costs, improving product quality, and speeding time to market.


Looking for more information on Java Mobile technologies? Go to the OTN Mobile Devices page.

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